BlogFun FactsReal Estate Statistics October 29, 2021

Average Prices

It’s true, average prices have increased substantially over the last year.

Would you have guessed that Weld County has seen the largest increase along the Front Range?

The specific numbers are below.

As you look at the numbers, it is important to remember that average prices have increased because of appreciation and because there are more higher-end homes that are selling.

The increased volume of high-end transactions has played a big rule in increasing the average price.

Average Price of a Single-Family Home based on closings so far this month:

  • Metro Denver = $675,000
  • Larimer County = $624,000
  • Weld County = $514,000

Average Prices exactly one year ago:

  • Metro Denver = $614,000
  • Larimer County = $549,000
  • Weld County = $417,000