Northern Colorado Real Estate July 14, 2017

Odds Are…

As you drive around Northern Colorado and see homes with “For Sale” signs in the front yard, there is a simple rule of thumb.

If the home is priced under $400,000, the odds are that home is under contract on its way to closing.

If the home is priced over $400,000, the odds are it is still available.

For example…

In Fort Collins there are 275 homes priced under $400,000 on the market (with signs in the front yard). 168 of those are already have a buyer and 107 are still for sale. So, 38% of the homes priced under $400,000 are available to purchase. (Check out the live feed of the homes for sale in Fort Collins under $400,000 HERE.)

For homes priced over $400,000 there is a different story. 454 are on the market in Fort Collins. 171 of those are spoken for which means 62% are still available. (Check out the live feed of the homes for sale in Fort Collins over $400,000 HERE.)

For the rest of Northern Colorado the numbers are very similar. Roughly a third of the homes priced under $400,000 are still available for sale and about two thirds of homes priced over $400,000 are available.

Another important point is this – there is a perception that ALL homes priced under $400,000 are already sold. This is not true. Yes, inventory is tight but there are opportunities for buyers.

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