Blog January 19, 2016

Ready to Move from Rentals to Home Ownership?

Over the past few years, the rental market in Northern Colorado has continued to go up. For tenants that have lived in their current residence for a long time, their monthly rent may have increased somewhat, but the real surprise most likely came when new renters coming from other parts of the country tried to find something to rent in the Fort Collins area. Vacancy rates were very low, so finding a suitable place to rent was difficult, and once you did, the monthly rate was higher than you could afford or expected it to be. If you have the money saved for a down payment, and have figured out that a monthly mortgage payment would be the same, if not less than, a monthly rent payment, maybe it's time look for a home that you can buy!

The realtors at Windermere can help you understand the Northern Colorado housing market as it stands right now, and help you find a home that fits your needs and your budget. With the growing population of Fort Collins, Loveland, and the rest of the Front Range, it may seem like a challenge to find a home in the area, but you can rest assured that we will pinpoint the perfect spot for you and your family.

Buying a home in Fort Collins can be competitive, but if you're ready to move from rentals to home ownership, contact us today. We're ready to answer your questions and begin your search for that new home that you can call your own!