Blog December 28, 2015

Your Fort Collins Real Estate Agent Can Help Find Your New Home

While the housing market is still on its way back up since the low point in 2009, the inventory in Northern Colorado is continuing to build. With over two years of more new home starts than closings, there are plenty of homes to choose from, and if you're considering buying a house in the Fort Collins area, Windermere is here to help. As your real estate agent, we can help you to better understand the housing market along the Front Range, and where it will be best to look given your timetable and price range.

We always keep track of the new home communities where there are the most sales in the past year. With areas such as Thompson River Ranch and The Meadows attracting more homebuyers, we can show you the reasons behind the rise in purchases and explain the appeal of these areas. It's also a perfect time for those "move-up" buyers that want to sell their current home and purchase a larger, nicer, or newer home. We can help you sell your current home at a reasonable price, and also help you find a new home that's affordable in the buyer's market. To have a region where you can sell in a seller's market and buy in a buyer's market is a truly special thing!

If you're searching for a new home in Fort Collins, or you're ready to sell and then look for a bigger residence, contact Windermere today. Home values have increased for several years, and we will work hard to find you the best price for your current property, and then help you locate a new home that is both affordable and appealing!