Blog August 20, 2015

Outperforming the Market


The results are in!  We're proud the see that the Windermere Certified Listings are outperforming the market.  With our 10-step process, our clients are able to sell their homes faster and for a higher price compared to the market average.  And, we have a 100% success rate in selling each listing!


All of our listings follow a consistent 10-step process to prepare the home for the market.  With this process our sellers Sell With Confidence  and our buyers Buy With Clarity.

The process reduces the uncertainty and friction that commonly occur in a typical real estate transaction.  It provides confidence and peace-of-mind both for our sellers, whose properties stand out distinctly in the market, and buyers who feel informed and reassured about the property they are purchasing.

Contact one of our brokers to learn more about how the Certified Listing Program works and how it can benefit you.